by Diamond Lane

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Crash Great New Album from a Band I expect to go far. I hear traces of Maiden and Priest in this but is new and fresh for Old School Head Banging ROCK!! Get You Some!! Favorite track: Hopeless Romantic.
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With the release of “TERRORIZER”, Diamond Lane have distilled a no-nonsense collection of songs that showcases their true firepower and raw energy. Classic twin guitar attack, with rock-solid rhythms and dynamically powerful vocals, combine for a fresh modern take on American Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music.

2014 marks a new beginning in the evolution of Diamond Lane, as the band continues to further its horizons worldwide, one stage at a time.


released May 10, 2014

All songs written by Diamond Lane. Social Parasite Publishing (ASCAP). All rights reserved. © 2014 Diamond Lane ®. Diamond Lane is a legally and federally owned trademark currently held at the United States Patent and Trademark Office


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Diamond Lane Los Angeles, California

Nothing but pure American Hard Rock backed by an unrelenting blue collar work ethic, Diamond Lane is music for the united rockpublic.

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Track Name: The Enemy
No matter how hard I’ve tried Or how many tears we’ve cried It’s never good enough for you
You tell me sacrifice Well I have been crucified So there’s no laying down for you
Hell no, no more
Cuz I’m tired of being your slave So you can take this to your grave
Now I know you always were the enemy Digging up the same old ground And I know you never were a friend to me So why you hanging around? I should I should have known That you are my one true enemy Never gonna push me around
For every word you’ve said Twelve voices in my head Same story nothing’s ever new And now you can’t pretend It’s not the bitter end Your toll is finally coming due
Settle the score
There’s nothing left to save So you can take this to your grave
Track Name: Favorite Kind of Victim
There is no question Best intentions Purely driven by a need to play the role
Like a martyr testing patience But you won’t be getting sympathy from me
Take a hard look What’s around you Can’t you see the misery is in your head?
How you push me Push me over Past the point of return
You never do the things you say Same old song as yesterday
I’d trade everything To go back and cut you out Dreaming of a day without you to weigh me down I won’t get caught in your damage Lost in the wreckage
I always wonder What you'd look like If I took a peek inside your mind
And I want to feel like it’s over But inside I know the end has just begun
What has happened? Suffocating Reaching out just like a hand around my throat
How you pull me Pull me under Now it’s time to show how
You never do the things you say Same old song as yesterday
Your favorite kind of victim Brought back to life Your favorite kind of victim Brought back to life
Track Name: Cheating Death
I don’t know if I should care About the deal you brought to me
All I know is I’m not scared About the world you’re promising
So say what you wanna Do what you gotta do It doesn’t change a single thing
I’ll never cave to the pressure For your wicked pleasure Get out
Cuz I‘ve met the reaper And he tipped his hat to me Made me an offer But it wasn’t meant to be I’ve been holding on To this borrowed time Pray to my maker That he won’t mind I’m cheating death
So what is it you really want? Tell me why I’m the chosen one Will you be here to help me out When everything is said and done?
Your voice is so telling Don’t hear what you’re selling I’m not sure that I believe
So answer my question About your obsession Let it out
Track Name: Slow Destruction
You pretend it’s easy Heavy is the hand You wave
Don’t be the hero Maybe it’s your self You should save
Tell me, are you all better yet? Enjoy the taste of medicine Your slow destruction
Weighs heavy on my heart
So tell me, are you all better yet? Your life, your love, your medicine Alone in darkness Shine on
Been held for ransom Taken for your life You will pay
The desperate calling Shadow of the one You betrayed
Shine on
In this state of emergency Drowning demons in your flood Selfish minds and weakened souls
Track Name: Life to Lose
This is like a wildfire dancing in the breeze This is like a landmine waiting for your feet
Heed my words and warning Soon you’ll know it’s true But just keep ignoring What I’ve asked of you
It’s what I’ve got to do My blood boils through and through It all comes down to you Pull the trigger
Here we go Burn you down like a house of matches Here we go Blow you up like a live grenade Here we go All hell comes crashing down on you It’s your life to lose
You are not a person, more like a disease Spreading through me quickly, getting hard to breathe
You just keep your distance Give us both some room Know that your persistence Only brings your doom
The choice is up to you It’s more than you can chew It all comes down to you Pull the trigger
Track Name: Kiss the Ring
You Poison the well of life And think we will swallow
Fool Wave your flag Expect us to kiss the ring
The strength of a million voices We will never bow down
Hey hey You try to take control But we will overthrow The hand that keeps us down We’re gonna stand our ground We will be fighting
Rule With empty promises Add fuel to our fire
Fear Abuse of power Feeds what your madness brings
And after all this, you will not decide After all this, scarred and sacrificed After all this, I refuse to die After all this, I am still alive
Track Name: Hopeless Romantic
Vision I’ve seen I’m the witness by your side Troubled by feelings It’s a hopeless romantic’s life
From a burning hunger deep in the soul In the night I find I’m losing control Cuz a taste of you is never enough In my eyes can you feel the love? Can you feel my love?
Scream for me, tonight I dream about you
Don’t be afraid I swear it’ll be alright Whisper and breathe Cuz I hate to hear you cry
I know it’s what you wanted Scream for me, tonight I dream about you
From a burning hunger deep in the soul In the night I find I’m losing control Cuz a taste of you is never enough In my eyes can you feel the love? Can you feel my love?
Track Name: New Model
If it were up to me, I’d like to watch you suffer Kick you all the way down the road home You’re full of misery, crying like the others About how you’re out here in the cold
But you don’t know What it takes to show Those judging eyes out on the prowl
You’re someone special, not a trend That needs to earn big dividends New model New model Someone who never find finds a friend
Roll on the lipstick and pretend New model New model
You get it all for free, singing for your supper Without an ounce of heart or soul And on the TV screen, you’re looking like the others An assembly line of trash from the same hole
But that’s the goal And you dig yourself Deeper and deeper by the hour
Track Name: Drift
Things I’ve recognized And I think it’s time to go Something deep inside Tells me I’m alone
Hard to travel down The road beneath my feet Where I’m headed now? Forever wandering
But I hope you’ll be alright And I pray that I survive
All these restless thoughts In a mind that never sleeps Out there wondering If there’s more than what I’ve seen
Time and circumstance Seem to drive this soul Look for signs above To show me where to go
But I hope you’ll be alright And I pray that I survive
What are you looking at young man? It’s the wandering That’s killing me